5 tips for optimal teleworking

Well, the epidemic is taking its toll… our routine has completely changed. No choice but to adapt. Adapt our family lifestyle, our rhythm but also the way we work.

Teleworking; this term that’s become fashionable in everyone’s mouth these days; what is it, exactly? Simply put, it’s about not travelling to your workplace, it’s your workplace that comes to you… at home! 

Some people may be used to this and have adapted easily to the situation. 

But what about the people who don’t know how to do it at all? 

Don’t worry, Eventer is here for you during this whole period of confinement to guide you on this subject, as on many others! 

Today, we will help you prepare and organize the most amazing workspace. Don’t thank us, it’s perfectly normal at Eventer! We will hold your hand throughout this quarantine period! Ahh no, not the hand!! For more security, let’s keep our distances!

Don’t rush things, don’t tell yourself “ok, one PC, one Internet connection and I’m done”. Not really. With this way of working, you won’t last 2 days. That’s why Eventer is here! We’ll give you some advice. Read carefully :).

1) Organize your workspace 

Of course, the ideal is to have a workspace in a specific room. But not everyone has a home big enough to create a separate room.  

Get a chair and a desk. And there you have your workspace! If you don’t live alone, avoid rooms like the kitchen and living room. Focus more on isolated spaces where your concentration will be at its highest! 

Delimit your workspace by installing a screen, a piece of furniture or a large plant that will act as a boundary between your “office” and the rest of the room.

Also make sure that your Internet connection is at its best in the chosen room! Nowadays, this is essential, especially for working remotely.

Preferably place your desk in a well-lit area. Don’t stay in the shade! It is not in the shadow that you move forward, but by following the light! (It’s that Eventer becomes a poet, don’t you think? ) 

Above all, avoid the couch. It’s never good for work… A nap can easily take you by surprise! 

For the decoration of your office, equip yourself with cozy- fengshui objects such as a plant, an essential oil diffuser. For concentration, choose rosemary, peppermint or lemon. To calm stress and fight anxiety: Ravintsara, chamomile or eucalyptus oils will help you feel better both physically and mentally! 

The most important thing is to avoid loading your workspace with unnecessary objects that would distract you. Take what you need, don’t burden yourself for nothing. Keep a pleasant, clear and bright workspace!

2) Creating a working atmosphere

There’s a lot of debate about that. Some prefer to stay in pyjamas, others prefer to be in working condition: full outfit, makeup and hairdo at the top. We are not here to take sides. 

The most important thing is that you feel good. Do as you please. But to avoid any risk of discomfort from a surprise video conference call from your boss, at least change your top. Imagine the look on his face if he saw you in your favourite cuddly pyjamas with that kitten’s head sleeping on the back of a smiling cow.^^

Do you think your workspace is still missing THE finishing touch? Listen to some music. Find a suitable playlist on Youtube or Spotify. Select it according to your mood (boost mood, music for concentration, working jazz etc.) and you’re set!

3) Manage your schedule

Try to keep your private life and work separate to be as productive as possible. Communicate your work schedule to the people in your household so that you are not disturbed, or hang your schedule on the fridge! From then on, everyone will know that you will be operational 15 minutes at 11am for a small game with the family or between roommates and between 13 and 14 for dinner all together. 

Speaking of eating, if you’re alone and no one is there to prepare you a small dish or even just to remind you that it’s time to eat, don’t forget to do it! Also remember to get some fresh air. Breaks are just as important as work. They will allow you to stay motivated, focused and above all not to be disgusted with your home which will suddenly be associated with this societal obligation that is your livelihood.

If you have young children, they may find it hard to understand why Mom and Dad are not available when they are both at home. Explain the situation to them in simple words and keep them busy by finding easy activities that they can do without your help: colouring, lego, … or put them in front of a good educational program! :p

4) Communicating with colleagues 

Do you miss the office atmosphere, your boss’s lame jokes and your trainees’ OCD language? Use social networks to stay in touch with them. Skype, Hangout, Facetime, Whatsapp and other calls of all kinds.  With all the videoconferencing tools available, you’re never really alone or far away 🙂 If you can’t get to work, bring the work atmosphere to you.

5) Create an Eventer album to share with colleagues 

Eventer gives you the ability to create an unlimited number of albums for any event. Get together between “teleworkers” and publish photos in a “Team XXX” album to share your moments of disconnection but also of headache because it is known, with the distance, difficult to communicate without misunderstandings … It’s a nice way to help each other and not feel alone in this situation. All elbow to elbow! Let’s go through this ordeal together!

A contest is waiting for you on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn! Click on this link to become aware of these terms and contest rules :). Be creative and enjoy this fun time!

That’s not all ! Eventer would like to thank its users by offering them the LIVE SHOW option (worth 70€) for each new album created during the confinement period. 

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