a vision

3 people, Pierre-Yves Bossard, Marc-Henri Wouters and Sophie Khoury, realised that there were no way for them to easily gather all the pictures of an event. Every time they would go to one, it was the same problem. They'd have to look everywhere, to contact dozens of people, to wait for weeks before they could get the pictures they wanted. It made them think of a solution.

IphoneX Mockup-apropos.png

an app

They created that solution. A free app called EVENTER. With it, anyone can easily create their event and find all the picture of an event.


a tool for professionals

They noticed that professional event organisers needed more. From there they created a premium solution. Their objective? To create one solution that could solve every photo related problem during an event and that at a low price. They added many options in that solution and are still adding more. 


and now?


A partnership focused 

on photos

We are working together with Utopix and CheeeseBox to bring an all around coverage photo to events. CheeeseBox and photographers are both connected to Eventer premium.