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Some information about Eventer
Practical information
  • Create an album and take photos via the app
  • Add text or effects (masks, glasses, hats, wigs, etc.) to the photos
  • Creating GIFs, Slow Motions and Boomerangs
  • Add photos/videos from the gallery
  • Commenting and liking content
  • from the computer
  • Connect guests by geolocation or invitation (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Messenger, Email, Skype, SMS, etc.), no code or hashtag to remember
  • Activation by Email, Facebook, LinkedIn or anonymously
  • content (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, WhatsApp, Messenger, Email, skype, etc.)
  • GPS direction to the
  • Research on photos/videos and events
  • Real-time support in the app
  • Preserve your smartphone space (lightweight app and photos/videos on the cloud)
  • View guests and their profiles
  • Private app: preservation of personal or professional life from social networks
  • of the application anonymously
  • Sorting on the likes

Eventer allows you to easily your photos/Gifs/boomerangs/videos in a connected album for your private events (birthday, holiday, wedding, party, bar mitzvah, etc.) or corporate events (teambuilding, incentive, kick-off, networking, activation, etc.).

Eventer has no rights to your content, you can delete it at any time. However, activation is necessary for creation.

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