You are planning a private or professional event?
Eventer is the app you need to collect your memories!
Religious ceremonies

Business parties


Bachelorette and Bachelor parties

Baby showers

House warmings

Team buildings

Business trips

Create your album, invite your guests, start the fun & access it for life from the app or from your computer!

Connect to the app via Facebook/LinkedIn or Email.

Create an album dedicated to your event and configure it according to your preferences.

Invite an unlimited number of participants who can join the event album via invitation link, QR code or geolocation.

Add, you and your participants, an unlimited number of photos/videos to the album and these are kept for life!

Enjoy a projection of the photos/videos of your album on your screen!

Create an album for each of your events and these are preserved in the app!

Our private social network creation system is GDPR compliant. The data is protected and unsold, unlike traditional social networks.

Create your own photo booth/photomaton connected to the app for free with Eventer.

You can purchase paid options in the app for your private events. We offer you different premium options for your professional events.
Our solutions
With Eventer you create your album dedicated to your event and your guests can join the album easily.
Everyone can reuse the app to create their own albums afterwards.
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Eventer Premium
The interactive & animation tool for professional event organisers

Eventer Premium allows you to animate your event and make it unforgettable ! Make your guests interact with your brand and boost your image.

A filter in the colours of your event/company is inserted on your photos.

Project all the content of your event live on a screen ! Your guest will be able to interact by posting their own content and watching them live.

As a private social network, Eventer was first designed to manage content ! Keep the pictures, gifs and videos from your own event and use them in your communication.

Eventer Premium is a full package for event organisers containing support services and functionalities turning guest’s smartphones into walking photobooths and projecting the content live on screens.

Eventer Premium give you an access to more than 10 exclusive options and functionalities up to tailor made solutions!