Eventer, the best application dedicated to your wedding 😀


Your wedding is going to be the happiest day of your life and you want to keep as many memories as possible?


There are many ways to do so!




You will of course receive your photographer’s photos a few months after the D-Day. What wonderful memories, what beautiful photos of you two, with the perfect light and setting! He will of course have captured your most intimate glances, your most sincere smiles and all the emotion of the day in the most beautiful way, with his professional equipment and his artistic eye!




You may have a videographer who will make a film of this wonderful event! You will have to be patient again to find out, but take out your tissues when you do: emotion sequence assured with matching music :p



In the digital area, several applications have been created to collect all these precious memories and to access them directly!

While waiting to get the photos of your photographer and the film of your Wedding, think about the photos and videos that your guests will take throughout the day! Indeed, nowadays, everyone is glued to their smartphone to capture all the beautiful moments of life. From then on, your guests become the reporters of Your Day!


The Eventer team has researched the subject objectively to help you choose the best app to adopt!





In this article, we compare 3 apps for you: Wedshoots, Eventer (We:D) and Wedbox. All of them are dedicated to the creation of souvenir albums for weddings. Our comparison is based on:

– The style
– Simplicity and ease of the app
– Users’ opinion
– The use
– Terms and conditions and policies of use
– Features available for FREE
– Formulas / paid options
– Quality of content


Nothing better than a comparison chart to help you choose the best application for your Wedding!



  Wedshoots Eventer Wedbox
Style ✔️   ✔️



The Wedshoots and Wedbox applications are very nice to use. They are more structured, their visuals are fresher and cleaner. Moreover, the pastel colors (trendy at the moment) are visually pleasing and better coincide with the “wedding” theme.


 2. Simplicity and Ease of the app:

  Wedshoots Eventer Wedbox
Simplicity and Ease of the app ✔️ ✔️  



Most users find the Wedshoots and Eventer applications much more convenient. They find them useful because they don’t have to “chase” after guests to get the photos of the event. Everything is already in an album! The handling of both applications, Eventer and Wedshoots, is pleasant. Users find that everything is clear and precise. The various options are easy to use and quite fun.


That said, after a deeper analysis, Eventer offers many more options with which you can have fun on your wedding day. But I leave the suspense to the end and let you browse through the chart!


 3. User Review :

  Wedshoots Eventer Wedbox
User review ✔️ ✔️  



Users have mixed feelings concerning the applications. All three applications receive both negative and positive opinions. Despite the various bugs encountered when using these applications, Wedshoots and Eventer managed to stand out. Indeed, users are more inclined to reuse these 2 applications because the applications are according to them “nice, practical and easy to use”.


 4. Use: 

  Wedshoots Eventer Wedbox
Use   ✔️  


A REAL ASSET for Eventer: In addition to being able to collect all the memories of your Wedding, Eventer is reusable for various and varied events, with no limit in terms of content, guests or number of albums. Use it for events such as: birthdays, baptisms, bachelor/bachelorette parties, corporate events, etc.
1 event = 1 Eventer album!
Our app is ultimately a collection of souvenir albums, unlike Wedshoots and Wedbox, which will only be used ONCE, on D-Day.


 5. Conditions and Policy of uses

  Wedshoots Eventer Wedbox
Conditions and Policy
of uses
✔️ ✔️  



After analysis, it is certainly not Wedbox that we advise you to use. By using this app, you agree to allow Wedbox to use your content for commercial purposes and to charge you extras if you exceed a certain storage limit (which you cannot manage by yourself). However, Eventer and Wedshoots have no rights on your content. They never use your data. Moreover, when you delete a photo, it will be permanently deleted from the application. And again, in Eventer, you have no limits in terms of content. You can go there happily and abuse it completely! 😀


 6.  Free features :

  Wedshoots Eventer Wedbox
Free features   ✔️  



FREE, the 3 applications offer you the possibility to add an unlimited number of contents (videos and photos) and participants in your album. You can also add text to the photos and share your content on any type of social network.

Eventer offers you a multitude of possibilities that the 2 other applications don’t offer you. For example, the creation of gifs, boomerangs and slow motion, the insertion of thematic filters on the photos, the addition of accessories (glasses, hairstyle, muzzles,…) on the photos or a photobooth animation (you have a tablet? you have a tripod?). Ask for our article to make your FREE PHOTOBOOTH).

Be careful ! Only Eventer and Wedshoots allow you to upload your photos for FREE in the smartphone gallery or on the PC. Because with Wedbox, you have to pay to retrieve the content of your album…

Again, Eventer has no rights to your photos!


 7.  Wedding Pack

  Wedshoots Eventer Wedbox
Wedding pack   ✔️  



For €99 incl. VAT, Eventer offers a wedding pack with many more options than other applications. With this package, not only will you have a great experience at your wedding, but you will also be able to relive it over and over again!

The package includes:


  •  All features FREE (see above)
  • a remote service for optimizing the Eventer experience ( create your account,  creation of your album,  technical briefing of your live show manager, follow-up…)
  • Live show (PRO version of Live Movie: live broadcast of all the contents of your album on your screen)
  • ORIGINAL quality of the content (Perfect to add your PRO photos when you receive them in digital format :D)


As said before, nothing is free on Wedbox. There are paid packages to just download and keep your content for a while. Nothing more… Not very interesting…


 8.  Content Quality

  Wedshoots Eventer Wedbox
Content quality ✔️ ✔️ ✔️



The 3 applications offer you the possibility to download your content in normal quality but also in Full HD quality*.


*Eventer offers you in the private premium pack a crazier quality than HD, that is to say an ORIGINAL quality!


Still haven’t made up your mind?



Finally, the table demonstrates that for an enchanted wedding, choose Eventer ! We’ll help you make your wedding the best day of your life. With many PRIVATE PREMIUM options, we guarantee you happiness and fun throughout your wedding! You won’t soon forget this wonderful moment. Lifetime memories guaranteed!


  Wedshoots Eventer Wedbox
Style ✔️   ✔️
Simplicity and ease of the app ✔️ ✔️  
User Review ✔️ ✔️  
Use   ✔️  
Terms and policies of use ✔️ ✔️  
Free features   ✔️  
Wedding Pack   ✔️  
Content quality ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Total of ✔️ 5/8 7/8 2/8

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