Our 7 tips to prepare your holidays


  1. Prepareyour visits well


There’s nothing worse when you go on a trip than losing time because of bad organization! Preparing your schedule well before departure is essential to enjoy your holiday and get the most out of it. No more last-minute changes of plans and no more running around the city on the last day to catch up on what you couldn’t visit before. No one wants to miss the Coliseum or the Empire State Building!



2. … But know how to improvise too!


If preparation is essential, knowing how to improvise from time to time is also a must! For restaurants, for example, when preparing your trip, you will tend to search for the “famous” places. However, desires change every day! So why deprive yourself when you can find what matches your needs the most? :p The Foursquare application for example is particularly useful to find the best restaurants according to your wishes, budget, etc.



3. Seek for unusual places


Of course, it is essential to take a walk in front of the Buckingham Palace or the Eiffel Tower, but what about the Crossrail Place Roof Garden or the “Campagne à Paris” district? All destinations are full of unusual places not to be missed to spice up your trip and get off the beaten track. Don’t follow the tourist buses; make your own way and go directly to the locals to get their tips on the best hidden or unknown places!


4. Learn about the local culture


One does not go on holiday to settle in the destination country, but it is very important to learn about the local culture! Learning the basics of the customs and how to behave on the spot are an integral part of a good preparation. Firstly, out of respect for the locals and secondly because the experience will be all the more enriching. Being open to a new culture can push you to discover more and more new things!

5. Travel light


Don’t bother with useless things! It is always best to travel as light as possible, both for practicality and economy. Filling a suitcase to the brim when you can barely close it is the best way not to be able to close it at all on the way back! Pack what you need without too many extras. Avoid last second additions, you know? The “just in case”! Think about the space needed for your souvenir gifts!



6. Take your best pictures


Whether you’re a fan of beautiful scenery, historical sites or a vacation on the beach or pool, photos are the essential ingredients to keep all your memories alive, renew your Facebook profile photo or even feed your Instagram account to make your friends jealous. And how can you find them 3 months, 6 months, 1 or even 2 years later without having to search everywhere in your smartphone gallery full to bursting point?

Think about creating an Eventer album!

In addition to compressing your photos so they take up less space on your smartphone, the application allows you to create a digital album for every trip or event! #1event=1eventer album!


7. Settling accounts

How many of you have experienced this sensitive and delicate moment when it’s time to settle the score?

“- I’m the one who paid for the pizza on the second day…

  -Yes, but I bought lunch at the airport!

  – And I’m the one who paid the bill for the visits of such and such a museum!”


Whether you travel with friends, family or even as a couple, it’s better to have peace of mind than a big fight! There are apps like “Tricount” that allow you to calculate the accounts simply. That way, there are no surprises in the budget and no risk of breakdowns! Don’t spoil the end of your stay for money matters!


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