8 activities to keep busy during the quarantine

Sad and strange period .. Here we are; it happened near us, Belgium took drastic measures like Italy and France did. Quarantine for all! An unprecedented situation that turns our daily lives upside down and causes enormous anxiety. You’re panicking at the idea of staying a home? Eventer helps you kill boredom at home. And yes, we think of you in all circumstances 😀

Here are some ideas of activities to stay busy and active:

1. The cleaner

Does your spring cleaning always take ages since you have to move the living room table to be able to move the chair forward to finally reach the window? Take advantage of being at home full time to get to work! Alone, as a couple or as a family, what can be done now won’t have to be done later. In addition, you can never be too careful with microbes! Thoroughly disinfect all door handles and switches! We never know. It’s an almost free activity that you can practice every day. Come on, it has to shine !!

You run out of product? Google is your friend! You will find a multitude of recipes for all-purpose natural cleaners based on everyday products: vinegar, coffee, etc.

Take gloves, the Pshit-Pshit of homemade vinegar and off you go!

2. Decoration

Perhaps you were waiting for summer to freshen up your house? This is the perfect opportunity to tackle it today! A little renewal is good for your morale. No need to go and buy new furniture or decorative items: you probably have what you need at home! Go on a treasure hunt in the cellar and the attic where you will surely find top trendy vintage objects – and yes, fashion is an eternal restart (thank you Granny) – or, even better, objects to recover for a DIY – Total- MAKEOVER!

Translation: are you a bit of an artist? Use your tools: the drawer of this old dresser becomes a pretty stool, these cases of wine become a feng shui wall shelf… Let your imagination run free! 

If you have no equipment or simply no idea of ​​a potential transformation for these objects that have been collecting dust for years in your home, maybe this is the time to get rid of them? Store them in boxes for the next flea market or, even better, to have them appraised! Who knows? Maybe this pair of old candle holders is worth a small fortune!

Didn’t you find anything inspiring to renew your decoration? No problem: simply rearrange your rooms: the chair instead of the table, the big green plant on the other side of the room “et voila”! Small changes sometimes have a big effect! 😀

3. Kung Fu Panda

Gyms are all closed but you’re overflowing with energy – or anger, stress and frustration – in short, you need to exteriorize? Do sports at home! Arrange one of your rooms or simply move the living room table and Go Go!

Some TV channels offer fitness programs such as Fit Tonic on RTBF, with our inexhaustible and dynamic national Stephanie Dermaux. Too easy for you? Take it to the next level! Use water bottles as weights to complicate your task a bit! You can also make yourself a hula hoop from pipes or other cables to work on your waist and abs in a fun way. This will also appeal to children! The most important thing is that you keep yourself in shape during this period of quarantine, no way to gain weight!

Want to dance? It works too! Many dance lessons are offered in Facebook Live on different time slots!

In particular, Fauve Hautot is one of the many dance teachers who offer free live lessons. You can also find Zumba Party videos online on YouTube. GO GO GO, no more excuses !!

In distress, panic, stress? Introduce yourself to Yoga and meditation! At home it is quite possible! Disconnect from everything that is going on around you. Good solution also to finally detach yourself from your phone and all the bad news that comes out everywhere on social media… Free your mind and insert positive vibes! A circle is a square, a square is a circle… Inhale…… exhale…. you feel? Everything’s gonna Be Alright!

4. Silence, it grows!

This crisis reminds us of how badly we live, we consume badly, we pollute too much… It seems that nature is taking back its rights and that no matter what, we can help in this direction! March is the sowing season: collect your egg shells and boxes, your vegetable waste and off to a vegetable patch at home! You had always dreamed of it but never found the moment, here is the occasion! And it’s the good season, how lucky! Like what, nature is well done.

Some vegetables grow endlessly! Handy when you think of the outings which will be very limited in the next few weeks! 

You will find all the tips on the Internet to make your plantations from your waste, even if you don’t have a garden!

We can all have a green thumb if we wish, and contribute to a better consumption by growing our own vegetables! Ecology, economy .. only happiness!

5. Family life

You are a parent and you never found the time to devote yourself to your family, especially given the heap of work that awaited you on a daily basis? You can say “Thank you to the Covid-19”. There is nothing better than being with your children around a board game! You have nothing on hand? Play Chapi Chapeau, the free version of Time’s up. A sheet of paper that you cut into a few pieces, a few pens. Distribute to everyone some paper on which the name of a character to be guessed should be written. Cartoon characters, family member, celebrities… whoever you want! This game is played in 3 parts.

 – 1st round: make them guess in one sentence which character it is. 
Example: Mickey Mouse → “Famous mouse from Walt Disney, in love with another mouse that is so cute”

– 2nd roud: use only one word to make them guess the character
Example: mouse 

– 3rd round: mimic the word on the paper

Have fun, it’s free and laughter guaranteed.

You can also make a DIY that they will offer to Grandpa or Grandma at the end of quarantine. You have a lot of toilet paper? Remember to collect the empty rolls that you can use to make some decorative or funny DIY! You can find lots of great ideas on the Internet!

It is especially the time to put down your smartphone, turn off the TV, to avoid all the bad news and to discover the people who live with you on a daily basis. “Hey, at the end they are nice, my family members”. In conclusion, have a good time together and enjoy it, this is the most important!

6. The beauty and the beast

A small let go lately because you have a variety of things to do? Relax max! This is an opportunity to put your life on hold! Take advantage and test all the samples you received in perfumery. Make yourself a blackhead mask, exfoliation, moisturizer, manicure, hair removal, etc. Yes, you understand the TO-TA-LE! Your skin will thank you and you will feel much lighter and much more radiant at the end.

This also applies to you gentlemen :). That said, gentlemen, if you want to join the crew of those who grow beards until the quarantine ends, let the beast come back to you but take care of it! We suggest an egg shampoo to keep the coat shiny and silky.

7. Watch TV

Despite this list of proposals, you have an inescapable laziness, your screen is calling you and you don’t want to move from your bed? So sit well under the duvet, prepare healthy snacks preferably to be cozy in front of your film / series. Netflix, Streaming or various channels… You have everything you need to do nothing. Let’s go for a mini triathlon: Sleep, eat, Netflix (repeat). Our little advice between friends: do not overdo it anyway, do something productive between 2 triathlons.

Eventer’s selection – not validated by all members

TV show: Elite, Peaky Blinders, The 100, Toy Boy, Why women kill

Movie : Coco, Peter Rabbit, le Bon Gros Géant, Marriage Story

8. Life is beautiful

At the end we find positive in this misfortune! We can finally take the time for a lot of things left aside so far.

Here are some possible occupations with our app Eventer!

  • Album to share with neighbors

Create an Eventer album in which you will share all your activities with your neighbors. Everyone can add photos of their activities to inspire the others! They will appreciate it. Put joy and happiness in everyone’s life in this dark time with your little albums :D.

  • Album to share with your family

Reassure your family members by sharing with them an album in which you will post content or messages of love every day! Of course, the phone line is not cut, nor the Internet for that matter, but Eventer is used for that too… and what a souvenir albums will that make you! You’ll laugh about it in a few months, when this nightmare is behind …

In short, out of sight but close to the heart with Eventer! ♥

  • Album “we destock smartphones and pc’s galleries”

You have been sorting through your smartphone gallery for months, because with each new photo taken, you receive this message “Memory Storage Unavailable” which drives you crazy! In the Eventer app, you can create as many albums as you want! It’s free and unlimited, take advantage of it! This is the opportunity to create your Christmas albums of 2017, 2018 and 2019 with all these photos lying around … Then, just send the invitation link to all those concerned so that they can finally have access to these memories AND add their photos, videos…!

  • Album EVENTER Olympic games

I’m going to reveal a secret but shhh it stays between us. Get ready because a competition is coming for you! The terms and conditions of the contest will be published on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. So put yourself in warrior mode because we have concocted a number of challenges for you.

PS: important gestures which make a big difference… Don’t forget to wash your hands and stay at home! Do not be selfish and think of your neighbors, think of those around you. #Stay at home


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