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Eventer compared to others

Sometimes people get confused about what Eventer brings compared to other applications such as Dropbox and WhatsApp. It may seem like it has no added value compared to them. Today, we will show you how beneficial using Eventer can be.

Of course, there are many existing tools that allow picture sharing, but they are far from being efficient organizational-wise! If you tried these solutions you know it’s a tough path to gather all the photos from an event and this is where Eventer comes in handy.



WhatsApp is a great communication tool, that’s why nearly 300 million people are using it daily around the world. However, it’s a messaging app, not a photo/video sharing app. I’m sure you already used WhatsApp to share memories you made during a trip, wedding or even a party.

Sure you can get some pictures or videos from your friends and, if you’re lucky, you’ll even be in a group chat where the content is shared. Then again, what if you have been added to the group chat late? What about the pictures taken by the people you don’t know? You won’t get the pictures from them.

Moreover, WhatsApp is designed as a messaging app, where you need to scroll vertically to get through the content, which is not practical. Indeed, it may take a very long time to find pictures that were sent a certain amount of time ago between all the messages.

In addition to that, when pictures are sent through Whatsapp, their format is compressed, decreasing their quality.

Finally, on whatsapp, the users receive a lot of polluting notifications, as written messages are sent in addition to the pictures. Who wants to receive messages that are not addressed to them?


Dropbox is a great solution to share files. However, have you ever tried to share pictures with your friends with it? Probably not, even if the cloud file-sharing service offers support for photos from mobile devices. The reason why is that it is hard to categorize and store them in an organized manner. Don’t forget that at a certain point you’ll have no more space on Dropbox.

Photo sharing is not the first purpose of Dropbox, it is not what it was designed for.


No need to tell how great the invention of email is ; but it is not a solution to share photos at all!

Emails do not provide a simple way to create an album, as they are designed as a communication tool. Sometimes, too many photos/videos will even prevent you from sending the email !

To gather photos and videos from an event you will need to send and receive lots of emails and then organize all the content you have. What an adventure…

If the resolution is high you’ll be able to only send 5 photos, maybe less… And once you have all the photos you will probably have to use WeTransfer to gather all the content from all the emails.

Icloud photo sharing

Great! Let’s make an album with your friends!
But ICloud only works with people having an Apple device, and let’s be honest, it almost never happens to be surrounded by friends having only IPhones. It would be a shame if some of your friends were kept from receiving great memories !

Eventer’s added value

Here at Eventer, we have created an application that can solve many of the previously mentioned issues.

Indeed, it is available on Android as well as iOS for free, meaning that it is available for everyone! Moreover, photos are uploaded on it in high resolution, keeping their quality perfectly intact.

Another innovation that Eventer is proud of is that the application works by geo-localization : the users have to be present during the event in order to be able to share pictures and videos from this actual event only (no unwanted content hourraayyyy).

You can also appreciate the fact that out application is extremely easy to use. You simply have to go to the event, open the application, click on the event and you’re free to post all the pictures and videos that you want ! If you want to show some love you have the possibility to like and comment those pictures.

The Eventer app has other fun functionalities such as the creation of original pictures with filters, a photo booth option and the creation of a live movie (where pictures stream).

Finally, the pictures and videos are accessible forever after the event, you can relive your memories for as long as you wish 😉

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