Sometimes people get confused about what Eventer brings compare to other “options” such as Dropbox and WhatsApp. It may seem like the same can be done with Facebook, WhatsApp, Dropbox and others. Today, we will show you just how different we are.

Of course, it is possible to gather and share your pictures with other means, but you’ll lose a lot of time and it will be a mess to manage the monster you created! If you tried these solutions you know it’s a tough path to gather all the photos.



WhatsApp is a great tool to communicate, that’s why nearly 1 billion of people are using it around the world. But it’s a messaging app, not a photo sharing app. I’m sure you already used WhatsApp to share the pictures you took during a trip, wedding or even a party.

Sure you can get some pictures from your friends and, if you're lucky, you'll even be in a group chat where all the pictures are shared. Then again, what if you have been added to the chat group late? What of the pictures made by the people you don't know? You won't get the pictures then...



Dropbox is a great solution to share files. But have you ever tried from your phone to share an album with friends? Probably not, even if the cloud file-sharing service offers support for photos from mobile devices. Now you can upload photos as any other files. And then you can create and share photos.
Dropbox is a good solution for photographers who want to back up photos, but if you want to categorize, store and share photos then it's not the most intuitive one.
Don't forget that at a certain time you'll have no more space on Dropbox.

Photo sharing is not the first purpose of Dropbox and not thought and designed for that. Even if it's better now, it's still not the most practical tool.



No need to tell how great the invention of email is. But not a solution to share photos at all!

Maybe one of the worst solution by the way. Because as soon as you shared the photos with the right people (first it will take forever to send the email), you will expect photos from others but it’s impossible to create a shared album as you know. 

Then everyone will have to send an email to everyone and wait for the emails from all the others. And then, gather all the photos from every emails in an album photo on your computer. 
What an adventure…
If the resolution is high you'll be able to only send 5 photos, maybe less... And once you have all the photos you will probably have to use WeTransfer to gather all the photos from all the emails.



Very nice app to store photos. 
But when it comes to sharing these photos, it’s a pretty long process.
And you usually don't share photos instantly with the app, it's when you're at home, you have to upload the photos and then invite the people you want to share your photos with.
Great app but the process is not instantaneous.
You have 15 Gb of free space, then you can have 100 Go for $1.99/ month, 1 To for $4.99/ month.

Moreover, even if it's a great product, you have no entertainment possibilities "like all the others" you could say, but since it's the best solution between all the others, I had to point out some flaws.

And of course, I almost forgot, I hope you have no problem with the fact that Google get all your personal information.



Well, first you have to activate the right option between all the options and stuff on your device. Once you found it, you're ready.
Great! Let's make an album with your friends!
But ICloud only works with people having an Apple device, and let's be honest, it almost never happens to be surrounded by friends only having IPhone. Because you have to know that IPhone owners only represent 18% of the market.

Don't expel some of your friends!



Eventer delivers a real solution to create a shared photo album

- Available on Android and iOS for free.

- Most of the time if we want to create an album it is with people we have been in the same event with, such as birthday, party, wedding… 

- Photos are in high resolution, you can connect photographers as well. 

- It works by geo-localization, it means that you have to be at the event to share photos, and only photos taken from the event can be shared on the app.

- All photos are streamed live. If there is no connection, Eventer will upload the image when the connection is back.

- It’s very simple: go to the event, open the app, you’ll see the event on the app, click on it. You're in!

- Create one for your event and give you the opportunity the easily share pictures with everyone around you.

- Once the event is over you can still access the photo gallery and re-live all the best moments! Forever!