7 reasons to use Eventer:


  • No more wasting time finding pictures

We’ve all experienced a birthday party where a lot of pictures were taken but no way to get them back!

Each person leaves the party with their own memories and then it’s war to get those of the others back!


  • Who took the group pictures?
  • Justine, Laurent’s cousin!
  • Who are Justine and Laurent?
  • Don’t you have them as friends on Facebook? Wait, I’ll add you to the WhatsApp group.
  • But I won’t be able to see the old photos! Besides, I’m already having too many conversations on WhatsApp…


With Eventer, it’s over! Just create an album dedicated to your event that each participant will join and contribute to it by posting photos, videos, gifs…


  • Easy access

All you have to do is physically be at the event to access it, thanks to geolocation! And of course, you can still manually invite all the people you want, who will then be able to access the album with a simple click, or by scanning its QR Code. There’s something for everyone!



  • Manage space on your smartphone

Eventer is a very light application, it weighs less than 30 Mo! By way of comparison, Facebook weighs nearly 260 MB. And it’s the same for the pictures! Many of us don’t have any more room on our smartphone to add new ones. On Eventer, the contents are compressed and therefore take up less space than in your gallery! But don’t worry, even compressed, the pictures remain of good quality (1080p).


  • Organize your souvenir albums

Your grandma has all her pictures in her smartphone gallery and wants to show them to you every time? The problem is that she never sorts them out, so it’s very difficult to find the most beautiful photo from her last stay!

Do her a favour: sort it all out! For each of her travels, an Eventer album! It’s a great way to free space in her gallery and make it easier for her to find specific pictures from her trips 😀


  • Keep your memories for life

In addition to not taking up any space, Eventer is accessible for life! On average, you change your smartphone every 20 months. And with each change, it’s the same mess! You have to find a way to store all the photos and so on. On Eventer, it doesn’t matter if you change your smartphone or not, the albums are accessible for life on your account!


  • Animate your events

Eventer can be more than just a digital album. Do you have a screen? Do you want to broadcast all the contents of your album live? Do you want to turn your tablet into a real photo booth? A professional photographer has been hired to make your event even more unforgettable? You want to connect his camera to your dedicated Eventer album? All of this is possible! Optimize the Eventer experience to make your events even more lively!



  • Share your best photos on social networks

Eventer is a private social network but it is possible to share the best photos worldwide! Want to post the best group photo of your birthday on Instagram, or a selfie on vacation at the beach on Facebook? It’s possible, and always easy!



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