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The perfect bachelorette party: 6 tips for a smooth organization!

It is finally time for your friend’s bachelorette party? AWESOME. But to tell you the truth, it’s nothing like what they try to tell you in movies such as ‘Very bad trip’ (even though that turned into a real nightmare). The reality is way different! In fact, organizing a bachelorette party requires a big set of skills and organizational talent. That’s why we’re giving you some advice on how to organize the best bachelorette party ever.


1. Don’t forget about the bride

Do you want to spend the night in Las Vegas, or do you want to stay at home? Since you’re making all the decisions, your goal is to surprise the bride in a way that she’d never expect. So, make her happy! How? Sit together and have a good conversation while asking the right questions. Take your time to ask her the following: three days of partying or 1 night of fun? Classic of funky? Police officer or firefighter?

And try to ask her as much questions as possible while keeping her in the dark! She doesn’t need to know what you’re organizing, yet! The bride will already have a lot of things on her mind, so surprise her by organizing everything for her!


2. Try to fix a date well in advance

Make sure you invite all your guests (bride included) well in advance. Give them multiple dates to choose from so that everybody can make it to the party. Try to use Doodle for this. It’s an easy planning tool used all over the world. After finding the right date, you have to make sure all your activities are planned and reserved. If you’re a procrastinator, it can get a little complicated, especially when trying to make a reservation at a very popular location.


3. Make a budget that’s realistic for every participant

When setting up the budget, take into account that not everybody makes the same amount of money and that everybody has got different bills to pay. So, the budget needs to be realistic for every participant. In fact, there are always people who only want to join for the party, while others like to join for every activity during the bachelorette party.

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And as usual, we like to give you a little extra pet on the back. That’s why we also suggest you use Tricount to keep an eye on the expenses per person. Just enter your expenses and the app will tell you who has to pay what.


4. Choose an original and fun theme

For the soon to be married friend, it’s important to let her feel unique. That’s why you really need to step up your game when choosing a theme for the bachelorette party. It has to be something that has never been done before by your friends. So, sit together with your bitches (lol) and have a massive brainstorm. Be creative but keep it real, it has to be realizable within the budget.

If you really want a bachelorette party that stands out, try to do some activities as bungee jumping or a rope parkours. Don’t feel like being sporty? Then I bet you’ll be interested in a visit in a cupcake factory or a wine house: discover the whole process of making wine while enjoying a good glass of wine 🍷

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5. Be Matchy matchy

Having matching outfits is probably the biggest squad goal ever, especially during the bachelorette party. It immediately puts everybody in the right mood! You don’t even need full outfits, something like a hat, high-heels or swimsuits are already sufficient. Whatever you choose, make sure the bride is always recognizable. So always make sure that her outfit is a little different than the rest. She’s the queen, so treat her like one!



6. Make this bachelorette party one to never forget

Basic rule: The soon to be bride has always the last saying over every photo or video. To perpetuate every crazy moment, use Eventer to collect every little moment. The bride has got nothing left to do then to go to the Eventer app and choose the pictures she’d like to put on her social media 😉


We hope that these tips will help you to organize the best bachelorette party ever!

demandez notre template gratuit
demandez notre template gratuit

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