How to collect all the photos at my wedding?

Every wedding is a unique moment for the bride and groom. Do you want to collect all the memories of this wonderful event ? With Eventer, you can gather all the photos, videos, and GIFs taken by your guests in the same album so you can have access to all images taken from different points of view!

We offer a personalized support as well as the possibility to connect the photos of your photographer and/or photobooth in this album. All the content is in HD, so you can have beautiful memories of your wedding in your pocket!

mariage helene et nathan
Hélène & Nathan
September 3rd 2018

A BIG THANK YOU for your great application that was an incredible success all day, evening, night and even the next day! This contributed to the success of our wedding! Our photographers also contributed a lot and posted a lot of pictures. It was magical: people had a great time and we now have almost 400 photos capturing some of the most unusual moments of the day! An incredible advantage of your application, is that it allows you to capture unique moments in places where neither we nor our photographers could have been! This allows us to discover, share and relive these moments afterwards with the eyes of our loved ones!


Deborah & JD
February 26th 2019

I wanted to tell you how much our guests appreciated Eventer. They loved the selfies, the projection of photos etc.

Thank you very much.


Anne-Laure & José Paulo
April 13th 2019

We were delighted to receive the Eventer offer after a competition at a wedding fair! It’s a great way to access photos of loved ones and download the ones we want to keep.
Iris was great in terms of communication, kindness and professionalism. I would recommend Eventer to friends and family who are really into photos and sharing.

mariage helene et nathan
Hélène & Nathan
3 Septembre 2018

To highlight Eventer, we hid a mascot in the castle during the day (“Nufnuf the little pig”) and people had the mission to make a selfie with it if they found it and to post it on Eventer. During the evening, we also planned a table game with a list of selfies to make and post on Eventer to score point (for example: selfie with a bearded man, selfie with people of the same name, …). And we didn’t know that the Live Show was available for life after that: it will allow us to have reminder Wedding parties! In short, thank you so much for this wonderful application, your meticulous follow-up, your enthusiasm throughout the implementation of the mechanism!

Hélène & Nathan


To collect all the content from your Wedding:

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