This is a tutorial to help you set up your PRO event
Here we will overview the informations and visuals needed for your event. The parts that aren't explained here are shown in details in the tutorial.
If you don't want to set it up yourself and would like us to do it, contact us

Download the computer version here

Create an account

Create the account as shown in the tutorial. We recommend using the mail address of the person whom will be responsible on-site during the event.

Profile set up

As profile picture, we recommend using you logo in png format. It should be a square with a transparent background.
By adding the URL of your website or Facebook page, your guests will be redirected to it when they click on your profile.

Create your event

The explanation for the basic set up of your event can be found in the tutorial.
Here, we will explain the advanced settings Available only for pro accounts.

Welcome page : You can add a welcome page. It can be used to explain the rules of a contest or just give general information about your event.

Event type : Your event can be set as public or exclusive
A public event will be visible 48h before the start of your event, during the event and 24h after the end of the event in an area of 30km.
If an event is exclusive, no other event will be create on the location of the event.

Geolocalisation  : If this rule is activated, only guests physically present on the event will be able to add photos.

Content Moderation : Our algorithme will automatically ban innapropriate photos.

Photo layout : Choose a layout for the branding of your photos.

Visuals for your event

Banner : Set up a banner for your event. We recommend using a png in a landscape format.

Logo of your event : additionally to your event, you can add another logo. Just like your profile picture, we recommend using a square png with a transparent background.

Invite your guests

Our tutorial explains in details the different ways to invite your guests.

We can provide you a promotional mail to invite your guests. Contact us

Connect a screen to eventer

Once your event is created, you can connect it to a screen to have a live slideshow.
To do so, connect your computer to a screen using an HDMI cable.
For an optimal display, make sure you screen has been duplicated and your resolution is at 100%.

Tuto 1.png

In the event menu, click on more

Then on Slide Show

Tuto 2.png

SlideShow will activate the slide show

Eventer Announce, if activated, will display a page with a QR code allowing your guests to download the app

Animation let's you choose which animation you want, we recommend using the basic one

If Username is activated, the name of the user whom posts a photo will be displayed above that photo.

Text Font and Text Color let's you personnalize the display of the Usernames

Background Color let's you choose the color of the background

With Rows you can choose how many rows of pictures you want to display

Speed is used to choose the speed of the animation

Capture allows you to capture the sceen of your computer and display it on the screens


Connect a photographer to eventer


The photographer needs to have Eventer on his phone and a free account. If he plans on edit the photos during the event, he will need to download the pc version. The downloads are available here.


The camera needs to have an access to internet. During the event, the photographer has to send the photos to his phone and then choose the ones he wants to put in Eventer.
If he wants to edit them from his computer. Once they are edited, he has to drag & drop them into the Eventer software.

You can always put us in contact with your photographer to make it easier.

Connect a photobooth to eventer

If you have a photobooth that you would like connected with Eventer ? Please contact us.

You can now test your event

We recommend testing

The Branding
The liveshow
The connection with the camera
The connection with the photobooth