About us

Learn about the great adventure that is Eventer: how the came to be, what was the vision behind the project and how it evolved towards professionals.



3 people, Pierre-Yves Bossard, Marc-Henri Wouters and Sophie Khoury, came to the realisation that getting all the pictures from an was a hassle. Contacting people, getting the content by mail, etc. It was the same problem each time they went to an event and they wanted to find a solution.

Thus, Eventer was born: the solution to their problem, a free mobile application where anyone could create an and all the pictures related to it. A growing community assembled on Google Play and the Appstore, with almost 65 000 users !

They noticed that professional organisers needed more. From there they created a solution. Their objective? To create one solution that could solve every photo related problem during an at a low price.

Eventer became an application able to give any a nice digital animation. Thanks to the liveshow system, a event organiser can easily make his guests participate in the animation !

Eventer is always evolving into a better application, with new features constantly. You can now add snap filters to your photos ! We are currently creating a new way of advertisment with JCDecaux !
Eventer keeps on growing and won’t be stopping soon. You can learn about our daily news by following us on and by reading our articles !
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