- Why would I use EVENTER rather than Facebook, WhatsApp, …?

Facebook is mainly about friends, so chances are that all the persons present at an event won’t be your friends on Facebook.
With WhatsApp, it’s even more complicated because you have to know all the phone numbers. Moreover, it will pollute your gallery with all the photos.
EVENTER works differently. It gathers pictures and guests that are at the same place at the same time. It is also conceived to do it very easily. Moreover, EVENTER doesn’t have any rights on the photos you uploaded which is not the case of the majority of social network.

- Does EVENTER take up space on my smartphone?

No. EVENTER is an application that does not take up much space. The only photos that take up space are the ones you've taken or the ones you saved, the others remain on the cloud. The application itself is light. So no worries about your space on your smartphone.

- Do I have to pay something?

No EVENTER is free. Only premium accounts for professionals are charged.

- What do you do with my photos and personal information?

Nothing at all ! We just save your email address or your Facebook id to allow you to identify yourself in the app and connect with other participants. You keep the right on all your photos.
If you want, you can participate to an event without login. In this case you won’t be visible by other participants.
However, a login is required if you want to create an event. 
EVENTER doesn’t transfer any information or photos to third parties.

- I open Eventer, I see no event, is this normal?

Yes, it is normal if no event is already planned in your perimeter, you do not yet participate to an event or you didn’t create one yet.

- What is the difference between the Facebook login and the email registration?

With Facebook, it's simpler because you directly have all your information synchronize (name, e-mail, profile photo) and therefore you do not have to re-encode everything. Moreover, Facebook login allows others guests to see your Facebook profile.

- How do you manage offensive content?

The host who created the event can delete any photo. He can also ban an irresponsible guest.
A users can delete photos he uploaded at any time, he can also report other photos.
For Premium Accounts, we have developed a system that automatically deletes any offensive material.

- Can I stream the photos live on screens?

It is possible to do it with the Mac or PC version of EVENTER. Those versions are only available for premium accounts.

- Can I save / share multiple photos at the same time?

Yes, just use the 'select' button in the menu at the top right of the event.

- I see public events next to me, how can I find the address?

Use "Map / Direction" option in the menu at the top right of the event.

- I made pictures in another app, how can I add them?

You can access all the photos you have made during the event even in other app. EVENTER will propose them in the bottom bar of the event (even after the event).
All you have to do is select them and press + to add them to the event. You can hold your finger to preview the photo before adding it.

- Is it possible to protect an event with a password?

Yes, the host add a password in the Advanced Settings of the event.

- I don’t want a geolocated event, is it possible?

Yes. In this case you can make an event by Invitation. You can then share the event via messaging or social networks. Only those who have the invite can get in the event.

- I’m in an event but I can’t add photos

The event has not yet started; you have not taken a picture during the event or you are not geolocated on the event.

- I want to make an event on which there will be several places, what should I do?

Make an event by invitation or change geolocation during the event. To change geolocation, the host must edit the event and click the geolocation button.

- I created a Facebook event, is there a way to connect the two together?

You can simply copy the link from the Facebook event and paste it at the creation of the event in EVENTER. You can also easily share your Eventer photos on Facebook.

- Why EVENTER makes it easier to get back a photo or a person?

Actually, an event is always something memorable, so you can easily catch up a photo or a person by an event. There is a search function on the top right of the event list and the guest list.

- Where can I find the date of a photo?

If you open a photo from an event, you will see the hour on the bottom right of the screen, you can tap on it and see the date.

- How can I see if there are friends at an event?

You can see the number of friends in the event list, beside the number of guests.
Your friends are also visible at the top of the guest list.
You can see as friends only guests who accepted to share their friends during the Facebook login.

- What does mean “Guest in” and “Guest out” in the guest list?

For geolocate events, “Guest in” means that the guest is present at the event, while “Guest out” means that the guest is viewing the event without being physically at its location.
For event without geolocation (By Invite), all the guests are “Guest in”.

- Is it possible to add photos after the event?

By default, guests can add photos till one week after the event while those photos have been taken during the event. However, if the event is geolocalised, the guest has to join it at the event. The host doesn't any restriction and can add photo whenever he wants.

- Can I change the restrictions on the photos?

Yes, the host can change the restrictions of the photos in the Advanced Settings of the event. He can disable the restriction on the dates so guests can add photo taken outside the time span of the event. He can also disable the the restrictions on the geolocation so guests can add photos even if he is not at the event place.

- Is it possible to add or take photos without internet connection?

Yes, the photos will be uploaded when you have the connection. Normally the process is done in the background but you might launch EVENTER when the connection is back in case it has been closed by the system.

- I have an external camera, can I use EVENTER?

Yes, if you can connect your camera to your smartphone via wireless or cable. You can also use a SD card if your smartphone can read them. Just save the photos in your gallery and EVENTER will propose to add them on the bar at the bottom of the event.

Always verify that the camera is at right time and date (including the time zone).

The premium accounts can also add photos from a Mac or a PC with a simple drag and drop.