Do you remember the “old days”? The ones were you would go on road trips with your friends and take pictures of landscapes with your disposable camera. They were also the ones were you would have to wait for weeks to receive the pictures of your wedding and safely keep it in a photo album.

  The authentic Argentique

The authentic Argentique

Sometimes, I feel like it never existed. Like a nearly forgotten dream after you wake up. When I go to my parents’ house, these days become real again, as if I was diving back into that dream. Nowadays, we're only looking for likes. Taking selfies at any occasions. Why? Well my picture of The Great Buddha Statue got 16 likes but my selfies before boarding my plane to India got 72 likes. 

The way to consume photos is just different. Most people have a few pictures taken by a professional for their profile pictures on Facebook and Instagram. Due to social networks, photos are now a way to communicate and advertise. May it be about a product, a service or an event.

  The race for likes is on ...

The race for likes is on ...

Even professional cameras are getting easier to use. The auto programming on them makes them accessible to anyone. I remember that my mother had to take lessons to know how to use her silver process camera. Brands like Canon and Nikon even created cameras that can be connected to social Medias using WIFI and Bluetooth. 

Handy ways of collecting and sharing photos can be great advantages to those who know how to use them and communicate properly. However, you don't always want your pictures to be visible to everyone. You just want a group of people to share memories with you.


With Eventer, we chose to focus on community sharing and not global sharing. Eventer is not a new social network, it is a tool to gather all pictures of an event and create a community around that event. By working with geo-localisation and giving people the choice to be anonymous, we want everyone that's participating in an event to be able to freely share their pictures and gather all the other pictures of the event (Guests, photographers and photo booths). 

Today more than ever, it is very important to protect everyone's privacy. We want to be part of this digital world, to help it advance in a good way while making sure everyone's rights are respected.

Be part of tommorow's way of consuming photos.

Dorian Bienvenu